Terms And Conditions

Everyone should take care of when it comes to copyright issues. There are a lot of youtube videos that no one can copy because of their copyrights. Our website youtubetomp4.org also regards them and protects those videos and we want you to do the same especially when you are using our site. We don't allow copyright encroaching stuff here and if someone tries to break the rule, we simply suspend their account. This way that member will never be able to use our site in order to download and use the YouTube videos.

Leniency is only shown in case you yourself are one the proprietors or content creators. That way you can have unlimited access to that material and convert it using youtubetomp4.org. If you are still facing some kind of problem then you need to send us an email in order to let us know that you own the copyrights of certain content. On the other hand, if someone tries to steal your content and their account isn't suspended, then you need to directly contact us. We will take action and take down the content within 48 hours.

Things you need to mention in your email include:

  • A proof that you have the copyright of the video someone else is using.
  • URL of that video.
  • Your contact information including phone number, email id, and address. 

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