Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has amassed dedicated following over the years as the world’s foremost video and music sharing site. A total of 1.5 billion people are active users of YouTube. According to 2019 estimates, 30 million people use YouTube every single day and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. YouTube is available in 80 different languages across its platform, making it easy to be viewed by different citizens across the globe. Due to its wild popularity and demand, the platform has also been launched in over 91 countries.

YouTube allows users to upload videos of their own or any other video they are the rightful owner of. It allows people to view any video unless its age-restricted, in which case they have to provide proper identification. It allows users to “like” or “dislike” a certain video and share the video with family and friends. It permits users to create playlists of their choice of videos. To improve interaction among users, Youtube also has a feature of commenting under videos. Users can subscribe to other user’s channels to keep up to date with their videos. With such ease of access, YouTube is prone to misuse, with users uploading explicit and disturbing content. This has lead YouTube to introduce the feature of reporting any explicit videos or even explicit comments under any video.

Video Search Engine is the second-largest search engine after the giant Google. The site hosts a number of different categories for videos, the most popular being music videos. 95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube are music videos. Popular videos such as music videos and movie teasers and trailers rake up to 1 billion in views, as they can be viewed from anywhere at any time. A person can upload a video from their own designated channel on YouTube. Such a person is referred to as a YouTuber. This past decade has seen an explosion in numbers of individual YouTubers, experts in fields of cooking, beauty, fashion, DIYs, motivational gurus, skill-based resources, and many more.

News Channels have also broadened their reach to YouTube. Research shows that people find YouTube much better and easier to use for news than live TV.

That YouTube is more than a clandestine hobby for some, but also a platform that can post educational and informative content, as evidenced by the fact that 93% of millennials use it to learn a new skill or get better at an old one or use it for academic research and purposes. Simplest tasks such as learning to cook a healthy breakfast to advise on how to score well in examinations can be found on YouTube. 91% of Android and iOS users between the ages of 11 to 25 have been shown to use YouTube in their daily lives. With over 50 million people putting out content, it is incredibly easy to find a video on whatever your inclination to know or learn

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With YouTube’s ease of access and wealth of knowledge and entertainment present on the site, it is no wonder there is a demand for downloading YouTube videos, either to your smartphone for offline viewing or to your personal computer. It is also well known how annoying it can be to view YouTube videos on slow connections of both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Now it’s made possible with the help of a little site called

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This site provides an effortless and hassle-free method of downloading your favorite videos from YouTube and also has the valuable feature of converting videos into audio format. Downloading videos on devices to watch offline is a great way to save mobile data and increase its longevity.

You will be able to find a variety of options online for downloading videos from YouTube, but most of these sites are overrun by ads and often require you to deposit money to sign up or access the important features on them. The site has a clear cut interface and free of cost for anyone to access from any part of the world.

YouTube converter & Youtube Downloader Pros of using youtubetomp4:

  • 1This site is free of cost to use! Most YouTube converters online often demand money for purchasing the app or to unlock their advanced features. This site is free for all and available to use from any part of the world. It is available in 22 languages, making it simple for users from different parts of the world.
  • 2Some sites online have been found to be overrun by ads. Whenever you click on a feature on such sites, a pop-up page consisting of an advertisement pops up in a different tab. These ads make the site look very crowded and distracting. They can also be a ruse to allow viruses to infiltrate your system or smartphone. This is a free site from these hassles, with a user-friendly interface for users with no ads and no pop-ups.
  • 3Some of these sites are just a getup to introduce viruses and malware into your computer or smartphones and be damaging to their overall performance and make them vulnerable to hackers. The use of plugins to combat this problem will only result in quicker drainage of your device’s power. This is a foolproof site with no worries about malware.
  • 4The site is available on every device, such as Android and iPhones, and all other operating systems for personal computers such as Windows and macOS and can be accessed from any part of the world at any time.
  • 5The YouTube video converter available on can help you convert any video file into any format, size, and resolution such as mp4, Mkv, f4v, and WebM.
  • 6The converter can also enable you to convert video files on YouTube into an audio file format such as aac, ma4, and mp3 and in the excellent sound quality of 128kb, 256kb, and 320kb.
  • 7Another valuable feature that you can access on this website and which is not accessible on many other YouTube downloader sites is the feature of editing videos. You can now edit videos, mainly by cropping the video to your desired length.
  • 8The videos of your choice will be downloaded in the shortest amount of time, utilizing your networks speed efficiently. It won’t affect the speed of your network by slowing it down.

Why choose

  • 9You will find numerous applications online that claim to be the best YouTube Video Downloader. Most of these sites are either too expensive to use or will affect your computer negatively in the long run. Some of the more popular free online YouTube video downloader sites are expensive to use as they require you to pay money for downloading them from your devices app store, or for unlocking some of their premium features. This is free of charge and can be accessed by anyone.
  • 10Be careful of these sites that claim to be the best Video Downloader. Most of these sites are just meant to introduce viruses and harmful malware or malicious software and spyware into your computer or device that will harm its functioning. This is the best YouTube Downloader available online with absolutely no risks of viruses or malware.
  • 11This is a separate site on its own. Downloads are fast and efficient. It will not slow down your phones or any other devices’ network speed. It is advisable to use it while on Wi-Fi as mobile data might be a little sluggish.

How to use this Youtube Downloader:

youtube to mp4 converter works on all possible devices with operating devices such as Android and iOS and on personal computers such as Windows and Mac iOS. Following is a guide to help you in the how’s of downloading videos from YouTube.

On a Personal Computer:

  • 12This website is compatible with all desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac iOS
  • 13It is also compatible with web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, and Lynx.
  • 14Head to YouTube
  • 15Search the video that you choose to download and click on it.
  • 16Copy the URL of the video from the search bar on your browser. It looks something like this -( )
Download Youtube Videos
  • 1Open another tab on your browser
browser search
youtube downloader
  • 3In the download bar shown on the site, paste the URL of the video you wish to download.
youtube video downloader
  • 4Choose the format you wish to download the video in; mp3 if you wish to download just the audio or mp4 if you wish to download the video in its true format.
youtube to mp4
  • 5Click the convert it button.
Convert youtube video
  • 6The conversion will begin immediately and will be completed in a minute or two.
Video Conversion
  • 7The download speed depends on your network speed, so be aware of that.
  • After the completion of the conversion, you’ll be asked if you wish to download the converted video or edit it further. This is up to you to decide.
Download Converted Video
  • 8View the downloaded video in your choice of format in the downloads folder.
  • Viola! You successfully downloaded a video from YouTube.