Can we even imagine our lives without music in it? For most of us, this would turn into an instant nightmare. Not being able to access the right category of music when you wish to really puts you in a mood. Although how we listen to music today has really changed. Earlier, mp3 versions of songs were the only way to access good music but now there are so many online platforms which do the same without all the downloading. 

In this world of so many music apps, there are still people and platforms that don’t allow the download, for whom we need the mp3 option. YouTube is one of the biggest streaming platforms, needs this feature more than any other online website or app. For some of us, watching television is watching YouTube. 

During all the times you stream YouTube, there would be instances where you wished to download the mp3 of the video you were watching. In such circumstances, a YouTube to mp3 downloader is the much needed and also your best bet to do the task. YouTube to mp4 online is one of the most reliable websites among all the ways you could download audios from the streaming website. By clicking on a few buttons and not doing much really, you will have your mp3 through the online converter. 

Ways to go from YouTube to mp3

The internet is a vast entity which holds thousands of ways to perform the same task. For converting a video to mp3, you will find hundreds of websites and plug-ins etc. of the same amount. It can become a little confusing because all ways might either look the same to you or too different and confusing. Hence, you must know which is the best way to get a YouTube mp3

External software

The simplest and oldest way to get an mp3 is through additional software. Such a method is being followed for a long time before using the internet for everything became a common thing. You basically have to download the software first so that you can convert to mp3 on a daily basis. There are online websites that let you download such software. They have to be then installed in your laptop or desktop, after which you can use them whenever.

Some of these software's could either be internet operated or wouldn’t need a connection at all. The reason this method has also become a thing of the past is because of the time needed in execution. For people who are not really regular users of such a software would be downloading it for just once. It is always easier for them to go for another method. For people who use the software on a daily basis, this would be the best YouTube to mp3 converter


The available extensions are usually what you install along with the browser you are using, and it becomes a part of the browser window itself. Most of them show a download button when you are using YouTube to you can easily convert to mp3. They are extremely useful when you want to be quick with what you are doing and don’t want to go to an external website. 

Plug-ins are also something that is used more by someone who is a frequent user of the mp3 conversion feature. The only fault that might come up with any of these plug-ins is that they would slow down the browsing so its best you check the source of the extension before installing it in your browser. 

Online websites

Online YouTube mp3 converters are the most used way of conversion today. They have become popular because of their quick use and ease of approachability. Literally, anyone can search for an online converter like ours and get the conversion done in seconds. The limitations that are usually attached to the other ways of conversion are taken care of by our YouTube mp3 converter

Out of all the three methods that we have explored, using an online converter seems like the most logical thing to do because you don’t need extra time on your download and neither is your laptop at the risk of being exposed to virus etc. which could be harmful. 

Using an online YouTube converter

Using an online converter which lets you extract an mp3 is pretty easy. It is only a bunch of steps that you have to follow and you will be done in no time at all.

  • 2Open the video you wish to download the mp3 for in one of the tabs of your browser.
  • 2Use right-click to copy the URL of the video onto your clipboard.
  • 2Now open YouTube to mp4 website in another tab.
  • 2As the website opens, you will see the search tab.
  • 2Paste the URL of the video in the search tab.
  • 2Now, select the format you wish to extract the video into.
  • 2Make sure you have mp3 selected in the list, always double-check.
  • 2The final step is to press the convert button and the YouTube mp3 will be downloaded in a few seconds. 

Using a YouTube to mp3 converter on different devices

The one thing that many people struggle when doing such a thing is that they don’t know which website to use or which tool to explore with the device they have. The compatibility of the method also matters a lot because if your device is not compatible with the converter, you won’t be able to accomplish the task. Our YouTube mp3 converter is compatible with all devices so you can see how to use it on different platforms.

Video to mp3 on android 

Android users have it easier than everyone else because most websites like ours work with their devices. The only thing is that one has to keep in mind the downloading steps so that tracking the download is easy.

  • 2The first step is to check the download location of the mp3 so you can check back later on. 
  • 2Now, to use the converter mp3 online, copy the URL of the video from the YouTube app in your phone. 
  • 2Paste the extracted URL in the search bar of the website you are using for the mp3 download.
  • 2Next step would be to select the format of the audio and ensure that it is one mp3.
  • 2Hit the convert button next, and your download will start very soon. 
  • 2You can find the downloaded mp3 in the location of downloads later on. 

YouTube to mp3 on iPhones

iPhone users usually have a tough time doing tasks like this because most plug-ins or even websites turn up to be non-compatible with the software of the phone. Our video to mp3 converter, on the other hand, can be used by iPhone users as well without any problem or delay of any sort.

  • 2Documents app in iPhones is where you will find most of your download, so that is something you need to ensure you have.
  • 2Now copy the URL of the video through browser or the app, if you have it.
  • 2Once the URL is copied to the clipboard, open the online converter.
  • 2Paste the URL in the search tab of the conversion website.
  • 2If there is an option for quality, select the one you want.
  • 2Ensure the format of the download is mp3 by default.
  • 2Finally, click on the convert button your screen to start the download.

YouTube to mp3 on Personal computers

Browsing or doing anything literally is easier when it comes to using laptops or desktops. You can browse multiple tabs simultaneously and quickly extract the mp3 file through the Free YouTube to mp3 converter

  • 2Open google chrome or whichever browser you use and then open YouTube in one the tabs.
  • 2Next step would be to open the video you want the mp3 for in the YouTube window.
  • 2Copy the URL of the video by clicking right on the thumbnail. 
  • 2The URL will automatically be copied onto the clipboard for you.
  • 2Open another tab and search for YouTube to mp3 converter online
  • 2Paste the URL of the video into the search tab of the converter website.
  • 2Select the quality of the video in the next step.
  • 2Finally, select the format of the video, and that should be mp3.
  • 2Click the convert button, and soon the mp3 will start downloading. 
  • 2Check downloads to find your mp3 at the end. 

Which is the Best Online YouTube converter?

YouTube to mp4 website is known to be one of the best converters available to do the task. The reason is that it is available to all for use and has certain features which really make it stand out from the rest. When you start using it, you will see all these features come up and realise how useful it has turned out to be. 


Most YouTube to mp3 online converter is compatible with limited devices but ours is workable with any device you wish to use it on. It is a simple tool which can be searched for through any browser even, no matter how old. There are no restrictions regarding devise or browsers which is one of the best features that this converter has. 

Good quality

Most of us don’t realise it, but audio quality matters as much as video quality. Most online converters have just one audio quality format which is pretty basic. Our online YouTube converter gives you more options even for audio quality so you can choose accordingly based on the size of the file you are willing to download. 

Multiple formats

Even though YouTube to mp4 is a YouTube to mp3 converter primarily but it can do a lot more as well. When you are downloading the audio, the website also gives you other format options as well so you can come back to it or use it for multiple purposes. It is like your one-stop website for all YouTube related download. Whichever format you choose, can be selected through the drop-down that appears next to the search tab. 

Easy interface

So many users just skip using online converters like this because of their lengthy download process or too complicated user interface. It is really important that download has to be easy to get done; otherwise, the user just ends up moving onto another website altogether. Our online converter does the job with one click on the screen and the download starts instantly. This is why it is currently being used by millions of users. 

Safe to use

The biggest concern that any user has while browsing is whether it is safe to browse or not. Safety is one of the main features which our Online YouTube converter takes care of. Users can be ensured that it is extremely safe to use, and no external virus will be transmitted through use. Reliability is what it has banked on since it was launched and till now has been successful for the same reason. 

Is YouTube to mp3 converter online legal?

One would think that converting using a website like this would turn up to be a crime. It is really not until the use of the mp3 comes under fair use. According to the format YouTube has, the website doesn’t allow you to download anything, and all you can do is save for later to watch. Most of the times we need more than just this, hence online converters come under fair use. It is a policy followed by platforms like YouTube to allow a certain amount of replication of the video or audio. 

Something that has to be kept in mind while using a tool like this is that the download should not be used in scenarios where it can’t be termed as fair use. Any violation, later on, should be avoided under any circumstance. It is still entirely legal to use any of such converters online and extract mp3 easily. For some people, this is a task they do regularly; hence, it can’t be termed as illegal at all.