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This online Youtube To Mp3 converter tool lets you convert all the YouTube videos of your choice into Mp3 format for free. Our tool has a clean and easy-to-use interface, even for beginners.
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How to Convert YouTube to Mp3 Online?

You can easily convert the YouTube videos online with our tool by following these few quick and simple steps mentioned down below:


Open the YouTube website on your browser and search for the video you want to convert.


Copy its URL address from the top bar.


Then, open the Youtube mp3 converter tool and paste the URL which you copied, in the box present at the top of the website’s page.


Now, just click on the ‘Convert It’ button.


Just choose the desired format and quality from the given options and your file will get downloaded in a few seconds.


Click on the ‘Download the converted file’ button.


This way, you can save your mp3 or Mp4 file.

YouTube to Audio

YouTube to Mp3 Converter- Convert in High-Quality Online:

YouTube is an advanced online video-streaming and hosting site which provides users with all kinds of videos without charging them any money. It’s a great source of entertainment, as well as considered to be a very informative platform for folks of every age. Billions of users from all across the world opt for different multimedia platforms like YouTube to enjoy their favorite shows and listen to music. However, they do not allow the users to download or convert the videos which are uploaded on it. They only allow them to utilize their service when we open their website or application. This means that you would need to have a strong internet connection all the time.

Currently, all of us are living in a digital world where every piece of information is just a click away. Every second, new content and random videos are posted on various social media platforms. Thousands of videos on YouTube get uploaded each day in different formats including MOV, MP4, WebMD, MPEG4, 3GPP, and HEVC (h265).

Converting YouTube videos into mp3 format has become a worldwide phenomenon nowadays but websites like YouTube don’t really allow the users to convert their videos into Mp3 or Mp4 format so, you would have to keep going back to its website again n again in order to watch it. Towards the end, the users just get frustrated and want to seek a solution to this annoying problem. Our YouTube to Mp3 converter is the perfecttool for thistaskas itprovides users with the feature to rip the audio from all of their favorite videos with no specific or additional requirements.

How does this tool work?

The developers of our incredible YouTube to Mp3 converter have created this website with top-notch algorithms that ensure great conversion and downloading results. The files can be easily converted into various formats and sizes, according to your needs. We make sure that all the users are provided with their outputs in just a couple of seconds. The speedy nature of this converter extracts the video from the URL that you have entered, promptly. As our website has one of the most effective functionalities and a sleek interface, you won’t have to face any issues when it comes to the results. It is designed to provide the users with the best possible output files.

Besides Mp3, you can convert your desired videos to another format as well. Sometimes, we love the soundtrack from a video so much that we want to save it onto our devices, so we can listen to it later. Our tool is nowhere to resolve this perplexing problem. It is basically an online service that is completely web-based. So, you don’t need to worry about installing this onto your device beforehand. It is a smart tool that provides the whole package for everyone across the world using it.

Just follow these few steps mentioned down below:

  1. Open the website on your browser.
  2. You will find a field text box given on the top page of that website, that’ll allow you to convert your desired videos into Mp3.
  3. Copy the URL of the YouTube video.
  4. Paste its URL (the link that you copied) in the text bar given on our converter website.
  5. Click on the ‘Convert it’ button.
  6. After that, you’ll be given some options to choose from, just select whatever quality/format you would like to save your output file in.
  7. Click on the ‘Download the converted file’ to save your file directly to your device.

It’s so simple! You don’t have to worry about bringing your laptop fully downloaded and tracked with our free online YouTube to MP3 converter online. By using our YouTube MP3 converter on your phone, you can access a lot of musical access!

Key Features:

Thousands of online platforms are providing this service, but that does not mean they provide the exceptional features which are offered by our YouTube Mp3 converter. We have enlisted down below some of the most prominent features of this tool:

Benefits of Our Free YouTube Mp3 Converter:

There are multiple benefits of using our tool. As we have mentioned earlier, an Mp3 audio file takes much less space as compared to a video file. You can enjoy this benefit by utilizing our tool’s service. Some of the other advantages of using our Free YouTube to Mp3 converter are:

Fast Speed:

The issue that many users face when using a YouTube to Mp3 converter is that it takes a long time just to convert a few short files. Speed is quite important when it comes to converting the videos into various formats. This tool offers super-fast speed to each one of its customers, which enables them to download their files in just a couple of seconds. We always try to ensure that we save as much time of our respectable users.

Unlimited Conversions and Downloads:

Our free YT to Mp3 converter will not impose any type of limitations in terms of how many videos one can download in a day or a month. You can convert any video into Mp3 or more formats without having to worry about certain limitations. You won’t even have to face restrictions in order to download your desired content when you are using our tool.

No subscription or registration fees required:

If you opt to use our tool, then you do not have to worry about going through a ton of hurdles as this website is absolutely free to use. You won’t need to register prior to using the service. Our tool comes with premium features that work efficiently that are compatible with all sorts of devices. You can get all the newly added features and won’t have to pay any charges associated with its usage.

Resolves the issue of Poor Connectivity:

We understand that our users don’t always have a strong internet connection on their hands and this poor connectivity will not allow you to watch your desired videos on YouTube peacefully, due to all the interruptions. If you plan on using our tool, then you won’t need any internet connection or data package in order to listen to your download files. Now, you can just listen to them anytime you would like to offline.

Saves space on the devices:

The prominent reason why hundreds of people choose to use an online YouTube Mp3 converter is because of storage issues. For example, if you download or convert an audio or video file onto your device directly, it will take up a lot of your device’s storage. Whereas when you opt for a tool like ours, the converted files don’t consume as much space as the latter method does. As a result, people just use such third-party tools that will help them to save their device’s short space.

Clean and Sleek Interface:

Many users get hesitant before using online tools for downloading and converting videos due to them having extensive and confusing steps. On the contrary, our tool serves differently due to it having a clean and sleek interface that makes it very easy to use. Even if you are a beginner and not a computer geek, this tool will do wonders for you. Just follow the few simple steps which we have listed above and your job will be completed in a few seconds.

About this Free YT To Mp3 converter:

In today’s world, the use of multi-media platforms and video-streaming sites such as YouTube has become a great trend. Via these platforms, people can now easily enjoy all sorts of content, from funny videos to informative lectures to random clips, without having to spend any amount of cash. They are a way of entertaining the masses as well as providing them with all the informative sources via which they can watch anything they need to explore.

People opt for third-party tools such as YT to Mp3 converters and downloaders when they want to convert the videos into mp3 files and save them onto their devices. With the service of these third-party applications and tools, users can now get a chance to save their favorite videos from any sort of platform anywhere they like. This YouTube to Mp3 converter has an extremely simple working method, plus it will keep your identity anonymous as well. . This tool will save you from all the cumbersome problems that users have to go through while converting YouTube videos. Our advanced tool is absolutely free to use and provides high-quality output to all of its users.


Q1: What is this tool used for?

YouTube to Mp3 converter is an excellent online tool that enables all users to convert and download their favorite videos from YouTube into Mp3 files for free. This tool is a savior for all those users who want to rip the audio from videos.

Q2: Is this tool compatible with both IOS and Android devices?

Yes, you can gain access to this tool with both Android and IOS easily. All you need to do is open this website through your device’s browser and just start converting your desired videos within a few seconds.

Q3: Does Y2mate- support other operating systems as well?

All types of operating systems are compatible with our YouTube to Mp3 converter tool. This online converter is fully compatible with operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and even Windows. It doesn’t really matter which browser you are using on your device, you can access our tools from all of them.

Q4: What types of video can I convert through this tool?

You can convert any type of video of any format from YouTube by using our converter as it has the ability to convert your desired video files into different formats.

Q5: How many sites do this website support?

This website only supports videos from YouTube. You can convert any video from YouTube into Mp3 format via this tool. There is absolutely no limitation on the usage of our online converter tool, which means you can convert as many videos as you would like.

Q6: Is there any sort of registration or sign-up process required?

Unlike other tools, our website offers free–of–cost service to everyone. You don’t need to sign- up or login in anywhere before using this tool; neither do you have to go through a registration process in order to access this website. All you need to have is a good WIFI connection or data.

Q7: How many audio formats do this YT to Mp3 converter support?

Our tool supports multiple formats and bitrates in Mp3, in which you can download your desired videos such as .m4a, 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 320 kbps, and so forth. It provides high-quality conversions for every video file.

Q8: Can I change the Sound Quality of the Converted URL?

Yes! You can very easily change the sound quality of a converted URL from the audio tab by using our tool.

Q9: Is it possible to download the YouTube to Mp3 file after the conversion process?

Yes, our tool allows users to download their converted YouTube files. You just have to click the download button after selecting the format of your choice.

Q10. Is this tool free to use?

One of the best things about using our YouTube to Mp3 converter is that you won’t have to spend a single penny before using our tool’s service. It provides absolutely cost-free service to all internet users.

FREE DOWNLOAD- Unlimited free downloads and Conversions 
EASY CONVERSIONS- Fully Compatible with all types of browsers and operating systems. 
VIDEO TO AUDIO- Directly converts videos into Mp3 format. 

Our exceptional YTMp3 converter:

Our YouTube to Mp3 tool is an exceptional high-quality converter within your reach. Our service is considered one of the best tools you’ll find in the market. Due to the tool’s sleek and clean interface, your job will get done within a few seconds. Our website is supported by a strong server that provides a high-speed service to everyone. You won’t need to have any sort of special skills if you want to use our tool. It is ideal for beginners and those who are not really computer geeks.

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